The resale value of remodeling projects has decreased over the last couple of years, according to figures from Remodeling Magazine and Realtor Magazine. The number has fallen to $10,688 from $17,857 in 2008 for bathroom remodels and to $40,126 from $43,030 for kitchen remodels, with cost-to-value ratios slipping to 57.2 percent and 68.7 percent, respectively. Overall, the top 10 remodeling projects for 2011-12 have a cost-to-value ratio of 71.6 percent, down from 75.8 percent for 2010-11. Replacement projects are more valuable these days because they boost curb appeal. The top five improvement projects and their cost-to-value ratios are siding replacement, 78 percent; entry door replacement, 73 percent; attic bedroom, the most cost-effective means of adding a bathroom and bedroom, 72.5 percent; minor kitchen remodel — the least expensive way to jazz up the kitchen — 72.1 percent; and garage door replacement, 71.6 percent. The five improvement projects that add the least value compared to their cost are home office remodel, 45.8 percent; backup power generator, 48.5 percent; sunroom addition, 48.6 percent; master suite addition, 52.7 percent; and bathroom addition, 53 percent. | Read More